Treatment Benefits

Treatment Benefits

As we saw in Maintenance 101, correcting minor issues before they become major, sealing up the surface and providing a new wearing course are all important to the health of a road. Here's why it's also good for you and me and everyone between.
The investment made in the construction of a new road is considerable, especially the rebuilding cost compared to the costs of maintaining the original road. Much like any homeowner who has an asphalt driveway, surface maintenance and sealing is an important part of protecting the investment made in the construction of the asphalt surface. 

Road maintenance treatments like slurry seal, chip seal, and latex micro-surfacing were all created to meet the different budgets, requirements and conditions that determine how best to preserve and renew asphalt roads. The economic value of liquid asphalt road maintenance treatments is well-established and fairly well-known. More recently, independent studies are showing how various pavement preservation treatments increase the safety of our roads too. In fact, sometimes preservation treatments are put on particular stretches of roads to reduce the number of accidents in that specific area. See below for some surprising facts about the economics and safety of surface treatments.

Pavement preservation treatments have been around a long time. 

(And so have we.)

Slurry seal is invented in Germany to help renew and protect depression-era European roads.
Slurry seal spreads to america where its value preserving roads helps it become more popular.
Slurry Pavers is founded to pioneer the pavement preservation movement with slurry seal. 

Pavement preservation and maintenance techniques give state and local officials a selection of tools for the toolbox to help maintain the investment we taxpayers have made in our roads. As part of a much bigger pavement maintenance program, preservation treatments are an excellent way to help stretch our tax dollars and ensure more miles of safe and comfortable roads. Check out the chart below to see how they save so much money.

The added skid resistance provided by various road resurfacing techniques is well-documented. What's coming to light recently is the actual real-world benefits that that provides. One of the most important independent studies to date has been one done in 2013 by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Other studies are adding to the body of evidence that pavement preservation and added safety go hand-in-hand.

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